Every year Wisconsin celebrates the diversity of its citizens with a number of different festivals and events. These events have not only become extremely popular among the locals, but they also attract visitors from all around the country. Milwaukee, being the cultural center of the state, features a number of ethnic events such as Polish Fest, Festa Italiana, German Fest, Indian Summer, Irish Fest and Mexican Fiesta, which showcase the different cultures, their foods, entertainment and music. One thing all these festivals and cultures have in common is they all love to dance.

The dance culture in Milwaukee is not only thriving, but growing. Dance companies like Wild Space Dance Co., Ko-Thi Dance Company, Milwaukee Ballet, and Danceworks Inc., put on amazing shows that everyone can enjoy. There are also a large number of dance studios located in the city to help you get your rhythm on.

Milwaukee Dance Festival
The dance culture in Milwaukee is not only thriving, but growing.

In an effort celebrate and honor the culturally diverse dance styles and traditions found around the world, the annual Wisconsin Salsa Open and Dance Festival is not only a dance competition, but also a dance festival.  Visitors are welcome to take part in over 20 dance workshops which are taught by the some of the best instructors in the world. There will also be 30 shows featuring some of the world’s best dancers, including six dance world champions. Organizers of the festival hope to stress the importance of diversity while strengthening the understanding of different cultures through dance.

The state’s biggest Latin Dance Festival is sure to bring some of the area’s best dancers to the dance floor. You can also choose to either watch or take part in the dance competitions. The main purpose of the Wisconsin Salsa and Bachata Open is find six couple to represent the state at the Chicago International Salsa Congress at the Midwest Bachata Salsa Open.

Here is a list of some of the performers you will find at the Wisconsin Salsa Open and Dance Festival.

• Uriel Garcia And Vera Rowe

Uriel Garcia And Vera Rowe

 One of the hottest dance couples in the world has won 9 World Salsa, Hustle and Bachata Championships.

• Carine Morais And Rafael Barros

Carine Morais And Rafael Barros 

This couple put Brazil as one of the most important dance congresses. The current Octa-Salsa World Champions have won numerous championships around the world and are one of the most exciting to watch.

DJ Freddy Fresh

DJ Freddy Fresh

 This DJ, musician and electronic music producer has recorded for over a hundred different labels. With his vast experience and skills, the party is sure to be lively.

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