Gingrass Gallery hopes to take its visitors on a tour of Milwaukee’s art scene, where you’ll get to witness a thriving and inspirational atmosphere perfect for cultivating new and bold ideas.

Attention! Gingrass Gallery is permanently closed.

We introduce to the world
the arts and cultures of Milwaukee

The city’s art scene makes it a prime destination for art aficionados from all around the world.

Milwaukee Art Museum

As one of the largest museums in the country, visitors can view almost 35,000 works of art. 

Milwuakee Public Museum

Located in the downtown area, the Milwaukee Public Museum is run by a non-profit organization and features works representing natural and human history.

Grohmann Museum

The Grohmann Museum houses the world’s most extensive collection of art dedicated to the development of human work.


Dean Jensen Gallery

The gallery often showcases a variety of different works from both local and international artists. Some of these artists include Gerard Sendrey, a French painter and drawer, and Kyle Fitspatrick, a local painter who incorporates organic materials into is art.

David Barnett Gallery

Founded in 1966, the David Barnett Gallery is now the largest art gallery in the city and has become internationally known. You’ll find beautiful works of art from Europe, Africa, Oceania, Indonesia, and America.

The Green Gallery

The Green Galley features some of the finest contemporary art in Wisconsin. If you’re looking for something new and exciting, this gallery often features innovative, experimental exhibits featuring some of the world’s best known artists.

Tory Folliard Gallery

This gallery focuses on local artist from Wisconsin and other Midwestern states. The gallery was situated in an old warehouse, but looks and feels like a museum with museum-quality art.


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