Situated at the glamorous grounds of Milwaukee Art Museum, the Lakefront Festival of Art, continues to be ranked as among the top 50 Art Festivals.

It is famous for laying a foundation for the most respected artists to display their artwork in all kinds of segments including digital, drawings and pastels and ceramics.

LFOA is responsible for raising contributions for exhibitions paving way for art work to be contributed to Milwaukee Museum’s collection. The Lakefront Festival of art will not only make you marvel at what people’s minds can produce but also help you experience the best moments of your life.

Some of the Attractions that you can check out here are discussed as follows:

Preview of Deep Lush

Deep Lush Mixes Porn, Chemistry and Sex
Deep Lush Mixes Porn, Chemistry and Sex

Deep Lush website is launching sometime soon and being the participant of the festival gives you an unique opportunity to see clips from this series.

Deep Lush is mixing erotica, porn and chemistry all together. It’s not another dull production in the adult industry filled of generic and boring stuff. This series is going to show you that porn can be fun and that chemistry between porn partners on a set is possible.

We are already preparing a special website available at so you can see it yourself.

Legendary R&B bands such as Andre Williams will make you love this genre.

Music Line Up

This festival provides all genres of music by letting different musicians perform live to the attendees. This is the chance that you have been waiting for to see the fifth harmony group perform live just a few miles from you.

Legendary R&B bands such as Andre Williams will make you love this genre. So get your advanced ticket now to be part of the next Lakefront Festival of Art.

Foods And Beverages

Experience a wide range of dining options at the different courts set aside at Lakefront Festival of Art. Different groups such as Saz’s Hospitality group provide all kinds of foods from different nations to show you the meaning of food diversity.

Restaurants such as Hue Vietnamese leaves you wondering what you have had for dinner since everything is different yet finger licking. Wine gardens such as MAM Bistro leave you feeling relaxed while enjoying the beautiful Lake Michigan.

PNC Children Experience

Bring your children to LFAO and help them learn through PNC activities. Activities such as drama performances and hands on art projects are free of charge to help them interact more with one another as they have fun rock climbing walls.

Give your children a chance to be featured in the museums social media sites by taking photos on the giant wooden frame along the museum grounds.

Fiber Art Fashion Show

Fiber Art Fashion Show

Festival attendees have an opportunity to experience class in the fashion world through the Fiber Art fashion show located next to the food and beverage areas. This show is important because it helps those present have more exposure to ancient wearables as well as changing trends in the fashion industry.

LFOA artists make this event more interesting by coming up with spectacular fiber art for all kinds of garments for people to purchase.

Participation In Wine And Canvas

Here, you can create your own piece of art that you can take home with you by participating in paintings, supplies and canvas.

Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Garden

This is a platform where professions can display their work in a designed sculpture garden. Artists have been known to showcase their exhibits in segments such as glass, ceramics, metal, wood and fiber. For artists to showcase their work in the sculpture Garden, they must first be accepted in the sculpture category. This competition guarantees attendees the best displays.

The sculpture gardens give people ideas of how they can set up this unique sculpture at the backyard of their homes to add more aesthetic value to their surroundings.

Online Silent Auction

Lakefront Festival of Art has made it possible for people to bid online prior to or during the main event. This online platform allows the public to have an overview of the exhibiting artists who are behind the works of Art at LFOA.

Bidding on an art project that appeals to you more would also help raising funds to give back to Milwaukee art Museum.

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