Milwaukee is one of the most remarkable art loving cities present in the United State of America. This city is situated on the western side of Lake Michigan. This city is famous for its windsurfing and marvelous cultural festival. This city is also the birthplace of many notable artists.

Throughout the summer various kinds of cultural festivals are organized at the festival park by the side of Lake Michigan. This city has a huge number of art galleries and both public and private museums. Given below are names of some of Milwaukee’s Own Remarkable Artists.

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Carl Ethan Akeley

Akeley was born in New York on 19th May 1864. In 1886, he settled down in Milwaukee and joined the Milwaukee Public Museum. During his stay in the city, he sculpted and painted several paintings on wildlife especially on gorillas. He was also able to create historical exhibits of orang-utan and reindeer. His works are still displayed in Milwaukee Public Museum.

Joan Backes

Joan Backes is an artist originally from the city of Milwaukee. She is now an internationally recognized artist. The main theme of her art is the bark of different species of trees. She started her artwork from the year of 2000. She studies the nature of the tree both conceptually and physically. Then she draws the bark of the tree using crayons and bark rubbing.

Her Carpet of Leaves series contains more than 1000 different types of leaves to form a marvelous piece of artwork which brings the nature itself in the museum. Her works are also collected in Milwaukee Public Museum and many other private art galleries of the city.

Arthur Ernst Becher 

Arthur Ernst Becher was an American Illustrator who was originally from Germany but later immigrated to Milwaukee. He completed his studies and the Milwaukee Art Students League. He studied illustration under Howard Pyle and oil painting under Otto Leopold Strutzel.

During his career, he illustrated for many renowned magazines at that time. He has drawn many notable art pieces that are on display on several Art Museums in the United States. In 1959, the Council of Milwaukee was able to purchase some of the Becher’s work that depicts Jones Island.  

Susan Stuart Goodrich

Susan Stuart Goodrich was born on 5th June 1848 in Milwaukee. She was a ceramic artist. She was also the leader of the Arts And Crafts Movement in the US. She also wrote a book titled ‘Tried by Fire”. She studied painting under the guidance of Henry Vianden.

Her ceramic arts were focused on the blue colored designs. She was also the creator of Grey and Blue Pottery. Her works are displayed in Milwaukee Public Museum. She was awarded Wisconsin Visual Art Lifetime Achievement Award posthumously. This award was the result of contribution to the ceramic art and china painting.

The above are some of the names from the huge list of notable artists. These artists are an inspiration towards the new artists who are trying to express themselves through drawing.  Their works are now in the exhibition for providing encouragement to the budding new artist. So, next time you visit the Milwaukee, be sure to visit these museums to see their amazing creation.

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