If you have never been to an art festival then you are truly missing out on a treat for the eyes. The grandiose of multiple forms, styles, and genres of art present under one roof creates a unique experience for art lovers. But if you are an artist or art lover then chances are that you have visited a local festival or two.

But here are some of the largest and grandest art festivals from across the world.

Art Basel

One of the most coveted art festivals is the Switzerland based Art Basel festival, which also has a counterpart established in Miami since 2002. It presents art from over 4000 artists spread across the entire globe. You can catch the Miami Art Basel with ease, but if you do happen to visit Switzerland then try to accommodate Art Basel in your trip and it will be a memory worth curating.

Venice Biennial

This Italian art festival is held every two years and is considered as the most prestigious art festival in Europe. The city of Venice itself has a very strong background of artistic culture, and the Biennial art festival can be viewed as one of the culmination points of this culture.  The current attendance stands somewhere between 3 – 400,000, and not only will you meet a ton of young artists, but you will also meet many like minded art lovers.

Hong Kong International Art Fair

Asian art festivals usually provide a selection of art that is not visible at their European counterparts. And Hong Kong being one of the largest cosmopolitans in Asia, this art festival turns into one of the largest conglomerates of modern styles of Asian art. The Hong Kong International Art Fair is considered as the Art Basel of Asia and it presents some of the most varied mixtures of artistic styles.

The Armory Show

This New York based 4-day long art festival is an event that all Americans should visit at least once in their lifetime. And it does draw in a lot of non art lovers due to the varied bag of art styles it displays. The festival also sees smaller counterparts of it being held across New York during the same event period. The Armory Show is one of holy trails of modern art lovers.

The Etchigo Sumari

This premier Japanese art festival is probably the only one held in villages. Over 200 villages participate in the Etchigo Sumari art festival and features over 300 artists. This is one of a kind art festival and it is held once very three years. If you ever happen to have a chance at visiting the Etchigo Sumari do not miss it at any cost!

Kilkeni Arts Festival

Going strong with a history of 40 years, the Ireland based Kilkeni art festival hosts a ton artists, musicians, dancers, and visual artists. It is a ten-day long festival and packed with events and displays. The Kilkeni art festival is perhaps one of the best all in one art festivals in and around the UK. It is also known for hosting some of the best visual artists in the sub-continent.

So, there you have it, 5 of the best art festivals around the world. This is of course not meant to be a conclusive list, but rather a list of five art festivals that every art fan should try and visit once in their lifetime. You can also try to visit some of the art galleries if you love art so check out this list.

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